About Westfield Small Animal Clinic, Inc.

We are affiliated with American Veterinary Medical Association.

Our mission at Westfield Small Animal Clinic is to ensure that your pets live happy, healthy lives. We offer comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services — everything from advanced technologies like onsite blood chemistry, dental prophylaxis, and laser surgery, to holistic treatments like chiropractic and acupuncture.

Westfield Small Animal Clinic was founded in 1975 in North Platte, Nebraska, by Dr. Craig Kelly and transferred to the ownership of Dr. Kira Kautz in 2016.  Since beginning our practice more than 40 years ago, we have built our reputation as the finest veterinary clinic in the area. Our veterinarians offer more than 50 years combined experience in small animal medicine, and our veterinary practice has repeated been voted best in North Platte in the Reader's Choice Awards.  

I’ve been going to WSAC for over 30 years! They have been the most sympathetic, caring people you would want to meet. ... I have recommended them to many people, and will continue to do so!
— Dee Maxwell, via Facebook

Meet our Team


Dr. Kira L. Kautz


Dr. Katie Bunde


Dana Rich


Lisa Moulton

April Sulzbach


Lindsey Young


Kayla Klosen


Jenn Porter-Milne


Jessica Dannatt


Ashley Doyle

Rachele Dailey


Sharon Hanna

Connie Kockrow

Linda Schimek


Christinia Tilford

Kennel Staff

Maddie Thomasson

Danelle Nisley

Monica Miller

Makenzie Thomasson

Brandon Sieford